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Chatruletka Features


Free video chat

The site offers free video chat or free cam to cam with over 200,000 users who access the site daily. You can make friends or find dating partners or just indulge in flirtatious video chats.


Chatruletka has users from over 60 countries across the world. You can choose any specific country of your choice to receive users for video chat from that nation only.

Automatic translation

You can use the automatic translation feature to translate the language in the one you are comfortable with. All you need to do is turn on the auto-translation feature in the text chat.


You can use russkaya Chatruletka on mobile as well as it is available in app also. All you need to do is install the free Android or iOS app on your phone and start the video chat.

No ads, no registration

The best feature about Chatruletka is that you don’t need to register on the site to access the video chat. You can start the video chat anonymously. There is no sign in required to access the features on the site. Besides, there are no ads in russkaya Chatruletka to make it a seamless video chat experience.

More About Chatruletka

Chatruletka helps you connect with strangers over video chat across 60 countries in the world for casual talk, flirting, sharing of hobbies and experiences and many other things absolutely for free. This site helps you meet people of common interests. It’s also for those who are looking for a partner to flirt with.

You can use this random cam chat anonymously, meaning you don’t need to reveal your identity while using the site. About 200,000 users access Chatruletka daily.

However, please note it’s not an adult site where you can have sex webcam or sex chat.

So, how can you use russkaya Chatruletka for chatting, flirting or making friendships?

Visit and select ‘Male’, ‘Female’ or ‘Couple’ from the drop-down menu ‘I am’. You can also select the country of your preference from the drop-down menu ‘Country’. Then, just click on ‘Start’. You will be prompted to enable your webcam to start the video chat.

This site does not have a separate text chat option without a webcam. It’s a video chat with a text box available to send messages, and hence, you will have to enable your webcam to access the video chat.

Once you enable the webcam, click on start. If you want to move on to the next person, just click on stop to end the video chat. Click on start again to start a video chat with another random person. You can keep doing it until you find the person you feel you can have a decent video chat.

So, what all you can do on Chatruletka?

Casual talk – You can indulge in random talk with strangers, both male and female using Chatruletka.
Date or flirt – You can flirt or date strangers on Chatruletka without revealing your identity. You may reveal your first name, if you want.
Reveal your talent – You can share your talent such as playing guitar, storytelling to the person on the other side of the screen.
Learn a new language – As you will be meeting strangers from different countries, you get to learn a new language on the site.
Find a buddy – Chatruletka helps you find a buddy with whom you share common interests or hobbies.

What are the rules governing the site?

Any type of sexual behaviour such as exposing yourself, demonstrating your genitals or private parts, asking or offering virtual sex on this platform is totally prohibited. You cannot even tilt the web camera to show your body below chest. You cannot use obscene words to strangers on video chat.

Other than your face, do not display any photos or images, text messages, or any other content on the web cam.
Do not spam the stranger with promotional activities such as ads, videos, pictures or surveys.
Do not send any external links to users on the text chat.
Do not send messages in bulk.

How can a user report another member who is violating the rules and regulations of Chatruletka?

First, take a screenshot of the messages or chats which are in violation of the rules. Attach screenshot and file a complaint to the moderator, who is available 24/7 to listen to your problems. If the moderator receives many complaints on a particular user, he or she will banned from using russkaya Chatruletka. However, the moderator will look into all the factors before banning a particular member.

However, please keep in mind, Chatruletka could not be held responsible for any action that a user takes on the platform. But they will look into complaints and take action to make video chat on Chatruletka a fun experience. Also check with the similar site called gay chat roulette 



A lot of new members would have many questions on Chatruletka. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions on Chatruletka.

Qs: Do I need to install Flash to access the video chat on Chatruletka?
Ans: Chatruletka has the latest and safest streaming technologies and hence, it does not need Flash to allow access to web cam, unlike other sites where video chat does not work without Flash. All you need to do to access video chat on russkaya Chatruletka is to enable web cam and microphone for a seamless video chat.

Qs: Am I obligated to reveal my identity to strangers on video chat?
Ans: Well, no. You can remain anonymous on the video chat if you want. You don’t need to reveal your identity to safeguard your privacy. You can tell your first name if you wish. But do not reveal any other personal details until you are sure about the intention of the person on the other side of the screen. If you choose to reveal intimate personal details or financial information about yourself, you would be doing at your own risk and are solely responsible for it. Shagle chat is another great platform for chatting

Qs: Can I go back to a particular user with whom I had a great video chat?
Ans: Well, there is no such feature that can help you track old user with whom you had a great video chat because the system randomly sends you members on video chat. But if you remember the country the person belonged to, you can pick that nation and start looking for him or her all over again.

Qs: I don’t understand the language the user is speaking. What can I do?
Ans: No worries. You can use the ‘translate message’ feature to translate the language of the user and send the message across.

Qs: I found a user was using inappropriate language over the video chat. Can I report him?
Ans: Chatruletka has stiff policy regarding use of rude, offensive and abusive language over video chat. It strongly recommends users to report any user violating its rule by clicking on the link, Report Abuse. The moderator will investigate and take appropriate action.

Qs: I don’t want to select my gender before starting the cam chat. Is it fine?
Ans: Choosing the gender is important so that the system can send right matches to you for a video chat. But be rest assured, your preferences won’t be shown to other users.

How is Chatruletka different from Jerkmate? Is Chatruletka better than Jerkmate?

There are a few vivid differences between the two sites.

Jerkmate is basically an adult site where users can find men, women, trans and couple looking for a sex webcam or a sex chat just to jerk off and masturbate.

But Chatruletka is strictly not an adult site and any reference to sex, obscene language, or inappropriate gesture or exposing genitals or private parts is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule could lead to ban from using the site. Instead, russkaya Chatruletka is meant for casual talk, flirting, sharing of hobbies, similar interests and talent.

ii) Choices

Jerkmate gives a whole lot of options when choosing the right person to have a sex webcam or sex chat. When a person selects whether he is looking for a man, woman, trans or couple, the system will give more options such as ‘What are you looking for?’, ‘What do you find most attractive?, and ‘What body type you prefer?’, giving four options in each of the questions. Hence, Jerkmate gives you the options to narrow down your searches and find the right partner to have a sex webcam or sex chat with.

However, Chatruletka does not give such a scope to narrow down your searches. It just pushes you, random strangers, from across 60 countries in the world. You have the option to stay and chat with the random stranger or move on to the next one until you find the perfect stranger to have a video chat with.
Hence, Jerkmate has a much wider scope to find the perfect partner of your choice to fulfil all your wild fantasies.