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Dirtyroulette Features

Adult Video Chat

Multiple Countries



Instant matches

Multiple devices

Chat Filters

Dirtyroulette or Dirty Roulette is an adult website that enables you to do adult video chat or text chat with complete strangers for free. Lot of other X-rated websites that have the feature of adult video chat would give multiple options to find the right match, but in Dirtyroulette, you get instant results to start the adult video chat or text chat.

If you don’t like a particular video chat or the text chat, just stop it and start another one. There are thousands of users online on Dirty roulette to make your fantasy come true.

So, how to go about using the sex chat or dirty video chat in Dirtyroulette?

It’s pretty simple. Just visit the page. Select either of the options – I am male, I am female, We are Couple – from the dropdown menu, and click on start button. Once you do so, you will be prompted to enable your camera to start the adult video chat.

However, if you don’t feel like turning on the camera, you can click on the option ‘Start Text Chat’, and you can just start chatting. There is another viable platform referred to nude Omegle girls where you can chat with hot chicks

If you do not like the text chat or video chat, you can click on stop to disconnect the chat or video. Click on start again to restart the process. There are also options of ‘Back’ and ‘Next’, meaning you can move to the previous video or chat or to the next video or chat if you wish to.

And all these things you can do while being anonymous. You can do all this without signing in or registering on the platform.

So, here’s a list of all features on Dirtyroulette.

Dirty roulette – Adult video chat

This platform is strictly for those who want to have some fun while flirting on adult video chat or text chat. There are no restrictions or any limits to what you can do in video chat or text chat. If you find someone as creative as you in the video chat, go with the flow.
The platform does not restrict you from exploring all your fantasies in this sex video chat or text chat. You are at liberty to use it the way you want, and as long as the other person in the web cam or in the chat box is comfortable with you.
However, you are advised not to share personal information and details to complete strangers too soon in the adult video chat or text chat and if you do so, you would be doing at your own responsibility.

Dirtyroulette – Countries

No matter which country you belong to, you can search for a partner to do an adult video chat from any region in the world. There are members from Italy, USA, India, UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Brazil, Italy and many others. The system prompts you videos or chats from various countries before you opt for one. In fact, the system searches for available members from all countries currently online to do sex chats or text chats. chatruletka also provides country selection feature 


There is no mandatory language that a user must know to use this site. In fact, there are as many as 7 languages available on Dirty roulette that users can interact with. It includes English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, among others.

Dirtyroulette – Instant matches

Unlike other adult sites that give you multiple options to choose from before you zero down the one you wish to have adult video chat with, Dirtyroulette just keeps giving you instant results in seconds before you finalise one.
If you don’t like a particular partner, just click on next and move on. Or, if you wish to move back to the old partner, just click on back. In fact, you can keep clicking on the next button to find the partner of your choice to have an adult video chat or text chat with.
Even otherwise, the system will keep prompting you with results from which you can choose one.

Multiple devices

You can access Dirtyroutlette from your computer and mobile as well. Hence, you can be online in this platform all the time and have fun doing adult video chat or text chat.

100 percent free

Dirty Roulette is a free platform. It means you don’t need to pay anything to access its sex chat or text chat. Besides, you don’t even need to register on the platform to access the adult video chat or text chat. You can do it anonymously.

No restrictions

There is no limit to the number of people you can do adult video chat or text chat with. In some adult sites, there might be limit to the number of people you can do sex chat or text chat with, but not with Dirtyroulette.

Dirty roulette – Chat filters

On the top right-hand corner of the site, you will find an option called ‘Chat Filters’. Under this section, you will find a drop-down menu named ‘Country’. Choose the country from where you want to have adult video chat or text chat with. There are many countries to choose from. You can choose from India, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Austria, UK, USA, China, Brazil, Italy, among others.

Just beside that, there is another option called ‘Gender’. Under this drop-down menu, you can select the gender you would like to connect with. There are four options available there – everyone, females only, males only, and couples only.
However, other than ‘Everyone’, all the three remaining options will prompt you to join the community. You can join the community just by logging in via Facebook, Google or e-mail.

Dirtyroulette – Chat settings

There is also an option to customise your chat settings. On the left window, which is for adult video chat, you will find an option at the bottom that would help you to customise your chat settings.

Once you click on it, it will open up another window that will give you the option to put an introductory message. It will also give you option to translate your messages as well. You can also mention your preferences – whether you wish to date, flirt, or to make friends.

Similarly, there is another option that says ‘Search only for users interested in”. The choices include fun, gay, straight, dating, flirt, make friends, among others.

Dirtyroulette – Private chat

This platform also has a private chat option. Once you click on it, you will prompted, ‘Do you want to send a private chat invite?’ Click on yes. You will then be asked to log in with Google, Facebook or e-mail. Remember this private chat is encrypted and unmoderated, so you will have more liberty to go wild using this feature.

Tips to use Dirtyroulette to the maximum and gain the optimum benefits.

1) As there are no limits to the number of people you can do adult video chat or text chat with, you have a free hand in using this site. However, remember if you wish to zero down your search to male only or female only or couple only, then you’ll have to log in using your Facebook or Google or email account.

2) It is specifically designed for adult video chats. So, let your imagination go wild as you fulfill your fantasy while keeping your identity secret. In web cam, you can avoid showing your face and may choose to remain anonymous.
3) When you are indulging in sex chat, remember to have enabled your video and microphone. Also, make sure you are looking directly at the camera or you could possibly miss a good match to have an adult video chat or text chat with.

4) Don’t give out your personal information too soon unless you are sure about it. Similarly, do not ask for personal information from the other member too soon. Have a wild time enjoying the sex video chat anonymously before moving on to the next level.

5) You might not click with outstation or foreign partners. Hence, it’s advisable to zero down your search to the country of your preference.

6) For best search results, customise your chat settings. Insert your preferences, choices, and the type of partners you are looking for flirting, sexting or adult video chat with. In this way, you will attract members that best match your search results.


How is Jerkmate different from Dirtyroulette?

Dirty roulette is more of an adult video chat or text chat that may or may not result in a sex web cam or sex chat. It depends on the members who are interacting using the adult video chat or text chat features. But in comparison, Jerkmate is more of a sex web cam that a community member uses to jerk off or simply masturbate to get rid of all stress and tension.

Jerkmate also helps you figure out the accurate web cam you need. It would ask for whether you are interested in male, female, trans or couple. It would ask further questions such as ‘What you are looking for?’ ‘What you like?’ and ‘What you prefer?’ before showing the results to you. In short, it would give you all the top results as per the preferences you have selected.

But in Dirtyroulette, you are forced upon choices by the system that gives you results depending on just what you are looking for. It would give you results only by females only, males only, and couples only. But in Jerkmate, they spoil you with thousands results as per your preferences.