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There are a lot of adult sites for straight men and women. But for gays, the number of sites where they can reach out for potential mates or to flirt with other men or have video chat or text chat with them is quite limited.
However, Chatrandom is one site that is also for gays. This gay chat roulette enables you to have video chat or text chat with a random male stranger or gay from over 70 countries and that too at no cost at all. You don’t need to even register on the site. You can do it anonymously.

So, how can you use this gay chat roulette and fulfill your fantasies?

All you need to do is visit and choose either ‘I am male’ or ‘We are couple’. You need to check the box that says “I certify I have read and agree to the Terms-of-Use Agreement. I certify I am at least 18-years old and have reached the age of majority where I live.”

This is important as the site is not meant for minors. Once you check the box, click on ‘Start’. Once you do that, you will be prompted to enable your web camera and microphone to get the maximum out of the video chat. However, you can refrain from turning on the camera by opting for ‘Text Chat’, which helps you chat with random male or gay only on messages.

What are the unique features of this gay chat roulette?

Gay chat roulette – Video chat and text chat

This feature helps you to do video chat or text chat with random gays across the world. Try video chat if you are comfortable coming on the web cam to a random stranger or gay. But if you are not fine doing it, then you can opt for text chat that helps you send messages over the chat box to random gays across the world.

Back, Next

The video chat or text chat has a ‘Back’ and ‘Next’ button that helps you move to the next partner or go back to the previous male if you are not happy with the current choice of the person in your window.
Yes, it’s all right to move on to the next gay as your sole purpose is to find the right person to have a flirty or fruitful time over video chat or text chat. You can even indulge in sexting or sex web cam if you are comfortable doing so with a random gay in the web cam or in the text box.


If at any moment, you are not happy with the video chat or text chat with the stranger on your window, you can just click on ‘Stop’ to end the chat. As soon as you do so, the ‘Start’ button will be highlighted. You can press ‘Start’ whenever you are ready to do a video chat or text chat.

Gay Chat Roulette filters

The system automatically pushes random users – male, female, couple – who are currently online in the video chat or text chat. Hence, the site has chat filters so that you can select only male for gay video chat or text chat. On the top right-hand corner, click on the drop-down menu titled ‘Gender’. Choose ‘Males Only’ from the list to have a gay video chat or text chat. You can also use shagle as an alternative option 

Gay Chat Roulette Countries

Just beside the chat filters, there is the country drop-down menu. You can select any country from over 70 countries available in the drop-down menu. Choose the country from where you specifically would like to have a video chat or text chat with gays. You can choose from countries such as India, US, UK, Brazil, France, Spain, Hong Kong, China, Italy, Pakistan, Ireland, Australia and many others.

However, please remember that if you have chosen a specific country, the system will connect you with members of that particular country on a priority basis. But in case, if the system runs out of members currently online from that specific country you have chosen, it may send random members from any country.

Hence, do not be alarmed if you see members from countries other than what you have chosen in the filter. But most of the time, it will show users from the particular country you have selected.

Gay Chat Roulette – Private chat

The site also gives you the option to have a private chat that would enable you to have exclusive chat over video or text with a particular member. Once you click on the option, ‘Start Private Chat’, it will ask you whether you want to send a private chat invite. Click on ‘Yes’. You will then have to join the community by logging in with Google, Facebook or email. dirtyroulette is another great option to do the same

Gay Chat Roulette – works in mobile as well works perfectly in mobile as well. Hence, you can be connected always on the site without much of a hindrance.

Gay Chat Roulette – More Features

The site also has a pink button at the top right-hand corner of the page. It is called ‘More Features’. However, you would have to log in using Google, Facebook or email to use this feature.

Chatrandom for gays gives a few tips on how to best video chat or text chat with strangers or gays on the platform.

a) Always make sure the webcam is enabled. If you get an error message such as the ‘webcam is broken’, kindly check Flash installed on the computer. It could be that you are using an outdated version of Flash. Please update Flash for a smooth video chat experience. If the problem persists, you may want to change the browser.
b) Also, keep your face visible on webcam so that other gays could be attracted to you and start the conversation. If your face isn’t visible clearly, other users may skip you and you would struggle to get the right partner for a video chat.
c) Users have a tendency to press the next button too soon. Why not take a moment to know the user better? You may never know it could lead some better prospects in the future if you take the efforts to know the person on the other side of the screen.
d) If you ever happen to see a stranger or a gay on the other side of the screen being rude to you or using inappropriate or offensive language or is breaking the rule outlined on the platform, you can well clearly report the user without any ado. Depending on the offence, the platform will take action.
e) There is a phrase that says treat people the way you want to be treated. Hence, if you want the person on the other side of the screen to be polite and courteous to you, you have to behave that way. Once you start doing that, you’ll receive the same vibe from the other person. And it could lead to a great video chat or text chat.
f) The platform advises its users to refrain from sharing personal information and details to random strangers or gays. If you do so, remember you are solely responsible for all the consequences that may occur because of it. The platform could not be held liable for any claims or losses happening to you due to sharing of personal information by you to other members on the site. Hence, it is advisable to use the site wisely.

How Gay Chat Roulette is different from Jerkmate? Is it better than Jerkmate?

Gay Chat Roulette is a video chat or text chat that you can do with random gays across the world that may or may not lead to sex web cam or sexting. However, Jerkmate helps you find gays who are exclusively interested in sex web cam. Besides, it gives you a whole lot of options to find the perfect partner to help you jerk off or masturbate.

After landing on, you can select men from the pop up that ask, ‘What you are looking for?’ On the next window, it narrows down your searches, asking for ‘What do you find the most attractive?’, and it will give options such as Latino, Black, Asian, and Caucasian.

In the next window, it will ask you, ‘What body type you prefer?’ giving you options such as Big Boy, Skinny, Athletic, and Chubby. It would also ask for ‘What is your favourite hair colour?, giving you options such as blond hair, brown hair, red hair and black hair.

In fact, these options help you find the perfect partner or gay to have a flirty day out or sex cam or sexting that helps you jerk off and masturbate.

However, compared to Gay Chat Roulette, it pushes you gays randomly across the world. It does not refine your search for any particular looking men. The only option it gives you to move on to the next gay and next and next until you find the perfect partner to have a video chat or text chat with.

Hence, Jerkmate scores above Gay Chat Roulette for the simple reason that it helps you refine your search and find that perfect gay to make all your fantasies come true.