Monday June 1: Train Ride/Excursion NO Transportation

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INCLUDES: Train Ride & KY Rail Museum ticket only.  No Transportation to the venue is included.  This is NOT a Wheelchair Ticket. This ticket does NOT provide the roughly 2:15 transportation to the train and museum.

This ticket applies to a single person attending this train excursion. 
The ticket provides an excursion train ticket and entry to the museum. 
(Estimated 2:15 travel each way is on your own.)

The KY Railway Museum will run a 22-mile round trip excursion train especially for our convention. Must be able to get on a train with assistance. (If wheelchair is required on the train, you MUST purchase a excursion event ticket online marked officially for Wheelchair Excursion.)


  • Turkey, Bacon & Dijon Sandwich (w/ Swiss Cheese)
  • Kentucky Club Sandwich (w/ Turkey, All-Natural Ham, Swiss & Cheddar Cheese and Bacon - Mayo on the side)
  • All meals come with chips, fruit cup, brownie, and a drink

 * If you are interested in extending the Monday excursion to include a trip to Bowling Green, KY - on the way back from the KY Railway Museum - please mention this in the "Special Instructions" box at checkout.  (Extended trip would include the Corvette Museum, Train Museum, and meet some pilots of war birds at the Airplane Museum in Bowling Green, Ky.)  This would require an extra fee To Be Determined.


Expected Schedule...

12:00pm Train departs for Boston, KY  (12pm is on Eastern Time, Not Central!)

 - - - - We cannot hold the train if you are not on a bus. - - - -

12:35pm-1:15pm Layover in Boston, KY

1:45pm Train arrives at New Haven, KY Depot

 - Lunch Break

Guided Tours Available for the Kentucky Railway Museum


Late registration is after January 1st, 2020.