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Shagle is a free site where you can text chat or video chat with complete strangers from over 70 countries in the world. In fact, you can do all this without even registering on Shagle. It gives you complete anonymity when you engage in flirty video chat or text chat with strangers across the world.

It has some unique features that make it one of the favourite sites to video chat or text chat with strangers. For the record, it has over 3 million monthly users, while 100,000 members use the site daily. It has over 2.7 million official users of the site.

How you can start using Shagle?

It’s quite simple to use Shagle. Please follow the steps below.

  • Visit
  • You will find an appealing interface with words ‘Meet New People’ written across it.
  • Just below it, you will find the option, ‘What is your gender?’
  • You can choose from female, male or couple from the drop-down menu.
  • Check the box that says ‘I certify I have read and agree to the Terms of Use Agreement’.
  • Click on ‘Start Chatting’.
  • It will ask you to enable the camera and microphone to have a seamless video chat experience.
  • If you don’t feel like turning on your camera, you can opt for ‘Start Text Chat’.
  • Depending on the option you choose, the window will open to a video chat or a text chat.
  • You can end the video chat or text chat anytime you wish.
  • There is also an option to move on to the next text chat or video chat if you are not happy with the current choice.

So, what are the features of Shagle that makes it a must-visit site for users who want random video chat or text chat with strangers across the world?

Video chat and text chat are free of cost

You can video chat or text chat with a stranger at no cost at all. You don’t even need to identity yourself in the chat, meaning you can remain anonymous. Also, you don’t even need to register on Shagle to video chat or text chat. However, if you wish to access few additional features such as searching for only males or females or couples, you need to register on with Google, Facebook or email.

System prompts you with searches

You don’t need to do anything when searching for a right partner or a stranger on Shagle. The system will keep prompting you with searches of online members who wish to do video chat or text chat. Yes, you will get numerous and random searches of online members in just a matter of seconds. You can flirt, make friends or do even sex cam or sex chat as you please. There is no such restrictions in is an alternative of shagle

Chat filter

Shagle has a chat filter that helps you choose the strangers or partners you are looking for to have a video chat or text chat with. On the top left-hand corner of the video chat, you’ll find a drop-down menu titled ‘Gender Filter’, which asks you to select which genders you’d like to connect to. It has four options such as Everyone, Male, Female, and Couples. In all the options but ‘Everyone’, you will be asked to join the Shagle community by logging in with Google, Facebook or e-mail. But despite that, it’s completely free to join the community.

Country filter

You wouldn’t like to video chat or text chat with a person unknown to your culture, region or country, right? Hence, there is a country filter for you to choose the country of whose citizens you want to have a video chat or text chat with. You have as many as 70 countries to select from. You can choose from India, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and many others.

Chat with girls only

On the video chat window, there is an option in red titled ‘Chat with girls only’. This option is for all members who wish to chat with girls only. However, you will still be required to register on the Shagle community to use this option. It is safe to register via Google, Facebook or e-mail as your personal information would not be shared with any third party.


It helps you to do video chat or text chat without revealing your identity. It means you can do video chat or text chat while being anonymous as you don’t need to register on Shagle to use its features. However, if you wish to use chat filters or select the country of your choice, you need to register on the site using Facebook, Google or e-mail.

However, it is strictly recommended that you do not share your private information to the strangers on the video chat or text chat for your own safety. If you do so, you would be doing at your own risk and would bear complete responsibility of it.

Private chat

It also has the option of private chat that helps you engage in video chat or text chat exclusively with certain members. However, once again, you will have to log in using Google, Facebook or email.

Virtual gifts

Yes, there is also an option to share virtual gifts to the strangers you are doing video chat or text chat with. This is a way to appreciate the person for all the fun on the video chat or text chat. All you need to do is buy virtual tokens from to send virtual gifts to the strangers with whom you are having a great time video chatting or text chatting with.

It has few rules that a member must follow or risk being banned from the site. So, what are those rules?

  • A minor or a person below 18 is not allowed to use Shagle.
  • If a user reports you for being rude, or using offensive or inappropriate words, you risk being banned from using the site
  • Blackmailing strangers on video chat or text chat is prohibited. Any user violating this rule faces ban from the site.
  • Use of drugs on video chat is prohibited or the user faces ban from the site.
  • Use of violence on people or animals on web cam is not permitted. User or users violating this rule faces ban and may be even reported to law enforcement agencies.


Here are a few frequently asked questions that users have about

Qs 1) How can I save a conversation with a user?
Ans: This feature is not available currently on However, you have the option of taking print-screen of the conversation using the print screen key on your keyboard.

Qs 2) How do I send a text?
Ans: It’s pretty simple. Just type in your conversation in the box, and click on send. Refresh your page or change the browser if the problem persists.

Qs 3) Can I report a user?
Ans: Yes, you can if you feel the user has been rude or used inappropriate words or it is in violation of the terms and conditions outlined in Shagle. To report a user, click on the ‘report’ button. If you are using Shagle on mobile, click on the flag icon.

Qs 4) Can I block people from other countries or stop them from seeing me?
Ans: Well, there is no such feature at the moment. All you can do is choose to view members from specific countries only.

Qs 5) Why I’m being ‘nexted’?
Ans: This happens when users are skipping you and moving on to the next user before you get the chance to say something. What you can do is make sure your camera is enabled and wave at strangers or smile at them to make them stay with you for a video chat.

Qs 6) Why I keep getting ‘the webcam is broken’ error?
Ans: It could be due to an outdated version of Flash installed on your computer. Update Flash and try it again. If the problem continues, update the browser.

Qs 7) I keep getting users from random countries despite selecting a specific country?
Ans: It connects you to people of country you have selected as a priority. But if there are no users from the country you have chosen, the system will automatically connect you to a random member from any country.

How is Jerkmate different from Shagle? Is Jerkmate better than Shagle?

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